South Carolina's Seventh Congressional District, which includes just about the entire Grand Strand and Pee Dee, has been represented in congress for nearly one year now.

Representative Tom Rice was sworn into office in January 2013, and has been at the forefront of all the big political stories out of the House of Representatives in 2013.

He said one year isn't a lot of time to accomplish all of his goals as a congressman, but it has been long enough to get things started.

"The biggest thing we've accomplished so far is the water resources bill where we where we got language in the bill to allow for small ports like Georgetown to access federal funds for dredging. We also got language in the bill to allow ports like Charleston who don't have their permit yet to, once they get the permit, proceed with their own money and go back and as for federal reimbursement rather than wait for the federal government to approve it," Rice said.

Rice gained national attention this year after sponsoring a resolution nearly a month ago, that would compel congress to sue President Barack Obama for what he calls "Failure to faithfully execute the laws."

"If you have somebody who can pick and choose which law they want to enforce, that comes out to making the law. And that's more like a monarch than a president," Rice said.

There are 35 supporting signatures on that resolution right now, and Rice expects that number to grow once Congress returns from break.

Aside from the actions he's taken, the job has taught him a lot both personally and professionally.

"There are areas where everybody knows democrat, republican, president, congress. Everybody knows that need to be fixed. Even things we agree on, and the frustrating thing is we can't seem to make progress toward those things," Rice said.

Rice's main focus for 2014 is job creation. Using Horry County as an example of a county that's doing it right, his goal is to spread that both locally and nationally.

"If we could apply that same logic to the country, and put in place a few of these things I've mentioned, just imagine what that would mean to our economy," Rice said.