WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman Tom Rice (SC-07) and his colleagues today passed H.R. 3, the Keystone XL Pipeline Act, approving a pipeline that would ship oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast and create thousands of jobs. 

When the Keystone XL Pipeline was first proposed six years ago, environmentalists were quick to raise concerns about pollution and carbon emissions; but a State Department environmental impact study refuted these worries.  Under Republican leadership, the House of Representatives has voted 10 times to approve the pipeline.

“No one can accuse the House of being irresolute when it comes to American energy and the Keystone XL Pipeline,” said Congressman Rice.  “Last year, the House passed a bill identical to the one we passed today and it failed by one vote in the Democratic-controlled Senate.  I am hopeful the new Republican-controlled Senate will approve the Pipeline so we can finally send this bill to the President for his signature and curb our reliance on foreign oil.”  

Yesterday, the Nebraska Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit over the pipeline’s route, clearing the way for its approval.  Refusing to accept the economic and national security benefits of the Keystone KL Pipeline, President Obama issued a veto threat for the project, one of three veto threats the he has issued this week.