WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Tom Rice (SC-07) released the following statement after his tour of the Charles Ingram Lumber Plant in Effingham, SC.:

“Family owned businesses like the Charles Ingram Lumber Company are the backbone of our district’s economy and play an active role in our community.  All of the trees processed at the sawmill are locally grown and come from within a 75 mile radius of the mill.  During my tour, I observed many stages of the lumber process and the various products produced from timber.  I thank the Ingram Family for their contributions to our local economy and for hosting me today.”

The Charles Ingram Lumber Company is a family owned sawmill that has served the Southeastern United States in 1931.  The company originated in 1931 as the Bynum – Ingram Lumber Company and became the Charles Ingram Lumber Company in 1945.  The third generation of the Ingram family is now represented in the management of the company today.  For more information about the Charles Ingram Lumber Company, please click here.

Pictures of Congressman Rice’s tour of the Charles Ingram Lumber Company Plant:

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