Video: Congressman Urges Support for Veteran Entrepreneurs

Legislation to increase access to capital for veteran entrepreneurs

Washington, D.C.— In a House Committee on Small Business markup today, Congressman Tom Rice (SC-07) urged his colleagues to support H.R. 2499, the Veterans Entrepreneurship Act of 2015.

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Watch Here

Remarks as prepared for delivery:

"Thank you Mr. Chairman. 

"Today, I am delighted to speak in support of H.R. 2499, the Veterans Entrepreneurship Act of 2015.  According to recent data by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, South Carolina is home to over 400,000 veterans and nearly 60,000 of those distinguished individuals call South Carolina’s 7th district home. 

"As Chairman Chabot mentioned on May 19th, the Subcommittee I chair held a hearing where we had the pleasure of hearing from a fellow South Carolinian who currently oversees 7(a) lending at a small community bank in Greenville, South Carolina, and formerly served our Country in both the United States Air Force and Navy.  At this hearing, Mr. Rich Bradshaw testified about the importance of making these fee waivers permanent. 

"As veterans struggle to readjust to civilian life after protecting us, I think this provision which comes at no cost to the taxpayer is one small item that should have bipartisan support and I urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this bill."