Happy Independence Day

I hope you and your family have a great Fourth of July! As we celebrate our democracy with parades and fireworks on the Fourth, we must remember to cherish our freedoms- and honor those who fought for them- everyday. God Bless the USA! 



Efficient Drug Disposal Act 

  This week, I introduced legislation that would fix outdated and unequal Environmental Protection Agency regulations that prevent law enforcement agencies from combating drug use in our communities. 
While law enforcement agencies are able to destroy narcotics seized through raids or arrests, burdensome EPA regulations prohibit law enforcement from destroying narcotics collected as part of take-back programs. The Efficient Drug Disposal Act fixes this regulatory disparity and supports law enforcement’s essential role in combating the opioid epidemic and keeping our communities safe.

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Supporting Our Troops

  Years of budget cuts have left our troops without the equipment and training necessary for them to protect our country against new and emerging threats, seriously undermining our military readiness. This week, the House voted to rebuild our military by:
  • Investing in training, maintenance, and other military readiness programs
  • Providing the largest pay raise to our troops in 9 years
  • Upgrading our military equipment 
  • Allocating funding for cutting edge-military technology 
I proudly voted to support our troops and their families, and provide our military with the resources they need to keep our country safe and free. 

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Congressional Art Competition Winner 

  Congratulations to Abby Altman, who was the overall winner for the Seventh District Congressional Art Competition! Her winning piece will hang in the Capitol for the next year. I had the chance to spend time with Abby when she was in Washington D.C. this week - she is a bright young girl with a big future ahead of her! Thank you to everyone who submitted entries into this year's Congressional Art Competition. I am looking forward to meeting the winner from Florence soon!  


Jobs in the Seventh District

  The Seventh District is prospering - new jobs and opportunities are created in our community every day that will impact generations to come. The Container Maintenance Corporation is opening a new facility in Dillon County, representing an $11.5 million capital investment that will create 54 jobs! Their decision to open a facility in Dillon is directly connected to the new inland port! I am so proud of my role in bringing this port to Dillon and I know that this is just the beginning of new industries lining up to create jobs in our community. Additionally, Florence was named as one of the top 10 places to find a job in the USA because of new hotels, restaurants and shopping centers emerging in the area. 

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