The Rice Report

This month, we honor women who have made important contributions to history, events, and culture. Read about Elizabeth Timothy, a South Carolinian colonist who is recognized as America's first female newspaper editor, publisher, and journalist.

Elizabeth Timothy's husband worked under Benjamin Franklin on several newspaper projects in Philadelphia, including assisting with the Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin wanted to expand publishing and printing to other colonies. Elizabeth's husband, Lewis, moved his family to South Carolina under a financial contract from Franklin to run the South Carolina Gazette.

After her husband died unexpectedly, Elizabeth took over the business which was published under her 13 year old son's name in order to fulfill the contract. However, Elizabeth was the owner, editor, and publisher of the paper. She also was known for providing books and pamphlets to the colonists in Charles Towne.

Actions This Week

On World Hearing Day, I was pleased to reintroduce the Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act of 2021 to better deliver access to hearing services for the 48 million Americans affected by hearing loss.

This bipartisan legislation modernizes outdated Medicare policy to deliver better access for beneficiaries to hearing and balance services, while streamlining service delivery to create efficiencies within the system. To learn more about the legislation, click here.

Visit to Darlington Raceway for McLeod Health's COVID-19 Vaccination Event

Friday, I had the pleasure to join Governor McMaster in a visit to Darlington Raceway for McLeod Health's mass vaccination event. I met with local officials and toured the vaccination site, which is part of a two-day campaign to vaccinate up to 5,000 people for COVID-19.

"Your Checkered Flag to Better Health" is helping to propel South Carolina into Phase 1-B, in which half of our state will be eligible for a vaccine. This transition is a tremendous step forward in keeping South Carolina on track of reopening our state safely. Thanks to all the healthcare workers and partners who made this event possible!

South Carolina Moves to Phase 1-B of Vaccines Distribution

South Carolina's vaccine distribution plan has been incredibly successful over the past month. Because of this, I'm pleased to see our state moving to Phase 1-B of distribution tomorrow, March 8, 2021.

According to the SCDHEC, the following individuals will be eligible for the vaccine:

-Those 55 or older, regardless of preexisting conditions
-People with increased risk for severe COVID-19 disease
-Frontline workers with increased occupational risk including school workers and law enforcement officers
-Individuals at increased risk in settings where people are living and working in close contact
-All workers in healthcare and community health settings who have routine, direct patient contact and were not vaccinated in Phase 1a

To see the list of vaccine locations click here.