Congressman Tom Rice weighed in on the Russia-Ukraine conflict Wednesday while he was in the Myrtle Beach area. 

He said he supports the move to provide Ukraine with the means to protect themselves as well as sanctions need to be placed against Russia. 

He said he thinks the ones President Biden just announced are not enough to cripple Russia's economy. 

"I think the US should provide the Ukraine with the materials to defend themselves, number, one and number two, I think we should absolutely impose the most crippling sanctions that are possible, and we are not doing that, and it is only adding fuel to the fire," Rice said. 

Congressman Rice said he was involved in meetings with Congress, the German Bundestag and Russian Duma during the Crimea invasion in 2014. 

He said he sees many similarities to what is happening in Ukraine now. 

"I was there right after they invaded Crimea to help look for solutions, and the soviets just thought they were totally justified in protecting areas that they identified as theirs. There was clearly an invasion then, clearly an invasion now, and I think if we had a stronger President in the White House, we wouldn't be faced with the problems we're being faced with," he said.

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