I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish for the Grand Strand and the Pee Dee throughout my time in Congress, including:

  • Leading the way in number of in-person town halls. I am tied for 13 out of 535 members of Congress in number of in-person town hall events hosted. My title is Representative and I can’t do that unless I hear from you.
  • Serving on the Ways & Means Committee. As a third-year Congressman, I was the first Representative from South Carolina to earn a spot on this prestigious committee in 30 years.
  • Introducing the STOP Resolution. As a freshman Congressman, I introduced the Stop This Overreaching Presidency (STOP) Resolution, which directed the House of Representatives to bring a civil action lawsuit to challenge certain policies and actions taken by President Obama that were overreaching and outside of his jurisdiction as president. It was later modified and taken up as a bill by Speaker John Boehner and passed by the House of Representatives in 2014 to authorize a lawsuit challenging the employer mandate provision of Obamacare. In 2016, the D.C. Federal District Court ruled in favor of the House of Representatives in this lawsuit that was based on my resolution. Learn more.
  • Advancing Interstate 73. I-73 is vital to our district and I have worked hard to advance this project through collaboration with the Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Highway Administration, South Carolina Department of Transportation, and local leaders. Now, we have the permit in hand to begin construction and are focused on securing funding to make this interstate a reality.
  • Securing funds for Beach Renourishment. Beaches are the lifeblood of the Grand Strand, so it’s important that after storms and hurricanes they are properly restored. I’ve worked to secure more than $39 million for renourishment of beaches all along the Grand Strand through the Myrtle Beach Shore Protection Project.
  • Providing Hurricane Matthew Relief. Following devastating floods that resulted in historic flooding, I helped secure $52 million in relief aid to help Marion County residents recover from Hurricane Matthew.
  • Securing Farmers Recovery Aid. After the “thousand-year floods” caused by Hurricane Joaquin and subsequent storms, I helped secure $130 million for farmers to rebuild.
  • Groundbreaking of the Dillon Inland Port. My office and I played a role in facilitating an inland port in Dillon, which will serve as an extension of the Port of Charleston and bring jobs and economic investment to the entire Pee Dee.
  • Saving close to $500,000 in taxpayer money. Since taking office, I have left nearly $500,000 in taxpayer money unused from my office budget.