Each week, my team and I will be sending out our Covid-19 Vaccine Newsletter. This newsletter will provide you with the most up-to-date information about the Covid-19 vaccine distribution in our community and where you can get a vaccine. 

The South Carolina Covid-19 Response Plan can be found here. 


South Carolina is in Phase 1-A of its distribution plan. According to the SCDHEC, the following individuals should now be eligible for the vaccine: 

- Frontline healthcare workers
- Those 65 or older, regardless of preexisting conditions
- State/local government employees who perform Covid-19 testing and vaccinations 
- Nurses and Physicians

You can find a more detailed listing of who can get Covid-19 vaccine here:

Distribution Plan

South Carolina will move to Phase 1-B of its distribution plan on March 8, 2021. According to the SCDHEC, the following individuals will be eligible for the vaccine: 

-Those 55 or older, regardless of preexisting conditions
-People with increased risk for severe COVID-19 disease
-Frontline workers with increased occupational risk including school workers and law enforcement officers
-Individuals at increased risk in settings where people are living and working in close contact
-All workers in healthcare and community health settings who have routine, direct patient contact and were not vaccinated in Phase 1a

Phase 1-C starts in late Spring 2021 (Estimated Population of Phase 1-C: 2,588,320)
Phase 2 starts in the Fall 2021 (Estimated Population of Phase 2: 690,648)


Each county is progressing along their vaccination plan at a different pace based on population size and the availability of the vaccine. Below is a list of the current vaccination sites available in each county. New locations are italicized. 

You can use this tool to find a Covid-19 vaccination site near you.
You can also call this number for help finding vaccine providers:1-866-365-8110


Grand Strand Medical Center: 843-692-1000

Conway Medical Center : 843-347-7111

Doctors Care (Strand Medical): 843-492-2710

DHEC Mobile Clinic @ Myrtle Beach: 1-866-365-8110

Walmart Pharmacy #2712 (Seaboard Street)843-445-7851

Doctors Care (Market Common): 843-492-2710

Walgreens #6077 (S Hwy 17, Murrells Inlet): 843-357-3985

Walmart Pharmacy #0643 (Kings Rd): 843-449-0508

Walmart Pharmacy #5087 (Hwy 17 NMB): 843-281-8352

Walmart Pharmacy #4664 (Myrtle Ridge Dr): 843-234-2040  

 McLeod Loris Seacoast @ Myrtle Beach Convention Center: 866-365-8110

McLeod Seacoast ; 843-390-8100

McLeod ; (843) 716-7000

Walmart Pharmacy #5705 (Garden City Beach): 843-357-6588

Walmart Pharmacy #0574 (Surfside Beach): 843-215-3856

Walmart Pharmacy #5923 (Walton Drive, Myrtle Beach): 843-839-9875

Walmart Pharmacy #2870 (39th Ave, Myrtle Beach): 843-353-5589

Walgreens #10814 (Hwy 17 N, North Myrtle Beach): 843-663-1459

Walgreens #6687 (Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach): 843-272-8399

Walgreens #13995 (Dick Pond Road, Myrtle Beach): 843-232-0091

Publix Pharmacy #1479 (Hwy 17 N, North Myrtle Beach): (843) 272-0059

Walgreens #18359 (Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach): 843-272-4269

Publix Pharmacy #1568 (Hwy 707, Murrells Inlet): (843) 353-5614

Walgreens #6686 (S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach): 843-626-2214

CVS Pharmacy (Myrtle Beach): (800) 746-7287

Publix Pharmacy #1510 (Oakheart Rd, Myrtle Beach): (843) 903-4615

Walgreens #6877 (Hwy 501, Myrtle Beach): 843-903-5695

Walgreens #17460 (Hwy 544, Conway): 843-347-7617

Walgreens #7154 (Church St, Conway): 843-488-2000

Public Pharmacy #1524 (N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach): (843) 449-1620

Walgreens #6898 (N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach): 843-448-9104

Walgreens #17422 (N Kings Hwy, 29572): 843-497-9995

Walgreens #17258 (Socastee Blvd, Myrtle Beach): 843-293-6066


Walmart Pharmacy #625 (N Fraser St)843-527-2223

Walgreens #9834 (N Fraser St): 843-545-1732

Publix Pharmacy #1478 (Ocean Hwy, Pawleys Island): (843) 235-3775

Walgreens #7956 (N Causeway Rd, 29585): 843-979-1079


MUSC Health Marion Medical Center: 843-431-2000

Walmart Pharmacy #1829: 843-423-9411

CVS #4150 (N Main St, Marion): (800) 746-7287


Dillon Family Medicine, PA (McLeod Health): 843-774-7336

CareSouth Carolina- Latta: 843-627-6252

Walmart Pharmacy #0627 (Enterprise Rd): 843-841-2228 

McLeod Medical Center ; 843-774-4111

Walgreens #10447 (Hwy 301 N, Dillon): 843-774-2707


CareSouth Carolina- McColl: 843-523-5751

Walmart Pharmacy #4457 (Bennettsville Square): 843-479-0029

DHEC Mobile Clinic @ Marlboro County: 1-866-365-8110

CVS #5518 (Cottingham Blvd, Bennettsville): (800) 746-7287


DHEC Mobile Clinic @ Florence County: 843-661-4835

Walmart Pharmacy #630 (N Beltline Dr): 843-664-0909

Doctor’s Care Hoffmeyer: 843-662-8182

MUSC Health Florence Medical Center: 843-674-5000

MUSC Health Florence Medical Pavilion: 843-674-5000

Olanta Family Care: 843-396-9730 

Walmart Pharmacy #0621 (US 52 Hwy Lake City): 843-394-8125

Walmart Pharmacy #3638 (S Cashua Dr): 843-269-9980 

McLeod Regional Medical Center : ; 843-777-2000

DHEC Mobile Clinic @ Lake City: 843-394-8822

Walgreens #16396 (Pamplico Hwy, Florence): 843-799-6270

Walgreens #7155 (S Irby St, Florence): 843-629-8427

Walgreens #7626 (2nd Loop Rd, Florence): (843) 317-1233

Walgreens #15997 (S Irby Street, Florence): (843) 773-3021

Sam’s Club Pharmacy #6571 (Beltline Dr, Florence): 843-758-6087

CVS Pharmacy (Florence): (800) 746-7287


Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center: 843-656-0101

Pee Dee Health Care: 843-393-7452

Lamar Family Care: 843-395-8400

Walmart Pharmacy #1135 (S 4 St Hartsville): 843-332-4891

CareSouth Carolina-Hartsville Suite A/B (4th street): 843-332-3422 

McLeod Regional Medical Center @ Darlington Raceway: (866) 365-8110

Walgreens #10329 (S 5th St, Hartsville): 843-332-4523

Walgreens #9737 (S Governor Williams Way, Darlington): 843-393-2679

CVS Pharmacy (Darlington): (800) 746-7287


CareSouth Carolina – Chesterfield: 843-623-5080

Walmart Pharmacy #0642 (Cheraw): 843-537-2741

McLeod ; 843-537-7881

For more information on locations, click here.


On Feb. 9, the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center began administering COVID-19 vaccines at community outpatient clinics in Myrtle Beach and Beaufort, SC. Enrolled Veterans are being contacted directly for vaccine appointments at these clinics. At this time, Veterans do not need to call to schedule. Veterans ages 70-years-old and older are being scheduled in accordance with CDC and VHA guidelines based on age and existing health conditions. As the supply of COVID-19 vaccines increases, clinics will expand eligibility criteria for vaccination.

The VA Medical Center will be operating the COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the new North Charleston VA Outpatient Clinic, located at 6450 Rivers Ave., on Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. Veterans ages 70-years-old and older can call 843-789-6900 to schedule a vaccine appointment at the North Charleston Clinic.

For Veterans who are not currently enrolled in the VA, please call the eligibility office at 843-789-7008 or visit the eligibility website

More information on COVID-19 is available at:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 

VA COVID Information


Total Doses Received in South Carolina  1,292,520 
 Total Doses Given in South Carolina   956,285
 Pfizer Vaccine Usage  94%
 Moderna Vaccine Usage  52%

To see vaccine allocations by facility, click here.