The 7th District is always improving thanks to the work and dedication of organizations and individuals in our community. Each quarter, I’ll post the grants awarded in the 7th District to provide you with an overview of ongoing projects. Below you can find the recent quarterly updates.

If you are an organization, business or non-profit seeking funds for a specific project, you may be eligible for a federal grant. For more information on federal grants and how my office can be helpful to you, please visit

Spotlight Award

The City of Conway received $6,000,000 from the EDA to fund critical wastewater system infrastructure upgrades. This is one of the single largest grants that the City of Conway has ever received. These upgrades will protect local businesses and allow for new development in the area by eliminating overflow during flood events. 

“In February of 2021, we learned that the City of Conway was awarded a grant from the EDA of just over $6 million, making it the largest grant in the City’s history.  The grant will be used to increase the capacity of our sewer system, preparing for additional demands on the City’s lines, including industrial and commercial development.  The growth that Conway is experiencing is taxing on all of our infrastructure, so it is vital that we are able to keep up with demand.  Absent this grant, expanding our system would be almost an insurmountable task.  Further, given the propensity for flooding that Conway faces, our sewer system is regularly overwhelmed by the influx of flood waters.  This grant will relieve the stress placed on the sewer network during flood events, as well,” said Adam Emrick, City of Conway Administrator. “Our partners, specifically Congressman Rice and his team, have been instrumental in assuring that the City of Conway is prepared for the demands of a rapidly increasing population and in addressing the needs of our community to combat the repercussions of flooding.”


My office plays a role in the grant process for many of the grants awarded throughout the 7th District. Since January 2021, I’ve helped the following organizations receive federal grants: 

  • The Pee Dee Regional Council of Governments received $2,271,023 under the H-1B Rural Healthcare Grants from the Department of Labor. This funding seeks to increase the number of individuals training in healthcare occupations that directly impact patient care and alleviate healthcare workforce shortages by creating sustainable employment and training programs in healthcare occupations serving rural populations. 
  • McLeod Regional Medical Center received a grant of $802,339 under the USDA Rural Development Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant – CARES Act – Medical. This investment will be used to provide telehealth services to rural communities in Chesterfield, Marlboro, and Florence. 
  • Neighbor to Neighbor (Horry County) received a $75,000 grant from the AmeriCorps federal agency. This funding will support 199 AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP volunteers. 
  • Santee Electric Cooperative, Inc. received $2,494,758 from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) to fund roadway and electrical system improvements by constructing a substation to serve a distribution center in Florence. Once completed, the project will improve the region’s ability to attract and retain employers by improving the reliability and availability of critical infrastructure, such as electrical service and large truck accessibility for industrial areas. Overall, this investment will help diversify the region’s economy, making it more resilient to various environmental or financial shocks. 
  • Francis Marion University received $699,279 from the EDA to upgrade the stormwater management infrastructure on the main campus in Florence. The strengthening of the stormwater drainage system will allow the university to serve its workforce and academic development mission. 
  • Georgetown County received $3,467,905 from the EDA to make stormwater system improvements for the East Andrews area. Once completed, the project will help the region diversify its economy, making it more resilient to various environmental or financial shocks as well as advance economic resiliency throughout the region. 
  • The City of Georgetown received a grant of $3,365,409 from the EDA to make upgrades to the stormwater system serving the City of Georgetown’s Historic District. 
  • The City of Dillon received a grant of $1,324,736 from the EDA to fund wastewater system improvements to meet the critical need for updates to two exposed 20” force mains currently located on an abandoned bridge deck parallel to Highway 9 in Dillon County. 
  • SC Humanities awarded a grant of $10,000 to fund the project titled, “South Carolina Civil Rights Monument Project.” Project funds support university students and community members from Hartsville and Orangeburg in creating four sculptures about the history and narrative of South Carolina Civil Rights activism, to be installed outside the Cecil Williams Civil Rights Museum in Orangeburg. 
  • The following organizations received federal funding under the American Rescue Plan Act Funding for Health Centers: HopeHealth - $8,712,750; Little River Medical Center - $8,044,875; Care South Carolina - $7,752,125; Sandhills Medical Foundation - $2,597, 875; and Health Care Partners of South Carolina - $2,546,000.
  • The Pee Dee Community Action PartnershipLittle River Medical CenterCareSouth CarolinaWaccamaw Economic Opportunity CouncilChesterfield-Marlboro Counties Economic Opportunity CouncilHopeHealth, and Health Care Partners of South Carolina all received various grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.