WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Rice (R-S.C.) released the following statement after voting against H.R. 1.

“Republicans have made our priorities in Congress clear- growing our economy and creating opportunity-and we’ve delivered on them. Today we voted on Democrats’ top priority legislation, an unconstitutional power grab that infringes on states’ rights to enrich Democratic politicians. They called it the “For the People Act”, but I think “For the Democratic Majority Act” is a more fitting title. What Democrats are trying to sell as necessary election reform will federalize the election system and is an attempt to take away each state’s constitutional right to determine their own election process. It forces states to allow online and same day voter registration and overrides state voter identification laws by allowing sworn statements to be used in place of legitimate identification, essentially inviting in voter fraud and endangering the integrity of our elections. In addition to blatantly stripping states of their constitutionally protected election authority, the bill creates a 6 to 1 taxpayer-funded match of small donor dollars to congressional campaigns. Meaning for every $200 donated to a campaign, the federal government will send $1,200 of your tax dollars to a candidate you do not support. H.R. 1 politicizes and undermines our election process to serve Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic majority.”