Yesterday evening, US Congressman Tom Rice was given an upgrade due to his frequent flyer status. However, he did not use it to enjoy the premium cabin himself. Instead, he took the chance to swap it with someone he believed needed it more, a trainee military policeman. This is apparently not the first time that Mr Rice has done such a deed.

Tom Rice first became an elected Republican Congressman in 2012, serving the seventh district of South Carolina. He had previously also served as the Chairman of the Horry County Council between 2010 and 2012.

The nature of a politician’s job can mean a lot of travel, although admittedly less so in the current climate. As such, Mr Rice often finds that airlines will upgrade his ticket due to his frequent flyer status. While this would normally present an opportunity to enjoy a more relaxing flight in a premium cabin, he has a history of not taking the upgrade himself, but instead surrendering it to a fellow passenger.

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