President Trump has delivered on his promise to bring opportunity back to SC, America

My favorite nickname for America is “Land of Opportunity.”

A place where everyone — man or woman, black, brown or white — has a real chance to succeed. 

After the financial crisis in 2008 it seemed that opportunity for many had slipped away. The Obama/Biden “progressive“ policies of higher taxes, more regulation and massive government programs smothered what should have been a dramatic recovery.

In fact, the recovery under Obama/Biden was the weakest in modern history; it took over six years to recover market losses and lost employment.

It was six years of lost jobs, lost opportunity and suffering for millions of Americans.

In the last years of the Obama/Biden administration Americans began to believe that we were no longer the land of opportunity.

In fact, two-thirds of Americans believed their kids would have less opportunity than they had.

That is why I ran for Congress.

The nameplate on my desk reads “JOBS JOBS JOBS.”

I wanted to bring back opportunity for our children and our grandchildren. 

When Donald Trump was elected as president, he and congressional Republicans immediately went to work — and the Republican priorities of lower taxes, less regulation and fair trade quickly ignited our economy to historic levels.

Only six months ago:

The unemployment rate was at a 50-year low.

Nearly 2.5 million Americans, including 1.4 million children, had been lifted out of poverty.

We had reached 18 consecutive months of wage gains above 3%.

And last year marked the first time in 51 years that drug prices actually went down.

This was the economy that previous President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden had promised, only to stamp it out. But when Donald Trump promised to build this type of economy, he delivered — and it was to everyone’s benefit.

Ordinary people were being lifted from poverty, even in the poorest areas in South Carolina — and counties like Marion, Dillon and Marlboro were seeing unemployment rates at historic lows and enjoying rising wages.

Then came COVID-19.

As opposed to Obama/Biden, President Trump worked with Congress to stimulate the economy — not to smother it. With the CARES Act and Republican pro-growth policies already in place, the economy is quickly recovering.

It is remarkable that despite the ongoing pandemic:

The stock market has recovered all of its losses, making it the shortest bear market in history.

Unemployment is already down from 15% to 10% after only six months, a feat that took six years under the Obama/Biden administration.

I want to return as quickly and safely as possible to the good old days of six months ago — those days where unemployment was down, wages were rising, businesses were searching for workers and people of every stripe were being lifted from poverty and despair.

So which candidate should you choose in November?

To me the choice is pretty clear.

Joe Biden has proven to you that despite his talk, his “progressive“ policies will smother the economy. 

Donald Trump talks, too — maybe a little too much sometimes.

But when Donald Trump talks prosperity, he also delivers it.

Give President Trump four more years.

Give us a Republican Congress to take that gavel from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

We will show you what a “Land of Opportunity” looks like!

- U.S. Rep. Tom Rice represents South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.