DILLON, SC (WMBF) Dillon County leaders are taking a new approach to job creation. A new theme song and brand for the county was recently announced.

"One of things that's most important to me. I've tried very hard to remain here in Dillon, because I've seen the consequences of families picking up and leaving," said Natalia McLeod.

Natalia McLeod has lived in Dillon County her entire life, she has a college degree and wants to put it to use in her hometown, but says there just aren't job opportunities in the county.

"Alive on I-95 is the new brand taking over Dillon County."

Dillon County and state leaders believe the new brand "Alive on I-95" will serve as a catalyst to attract more industry and jobs to the area.

Congressman Tom Rice showed his support for Dillon County's re-branding today. He says he thinks a lack of investment has hindered development in Dillon County.

"I think historically perhaps a lot of the infrastructure investment has gone elsewhere," said Congressman Tom Rice.

Congressman Rice says, "Alive on I-95" is just what the area needs to promote what Dillon County has to offer."

"They got a lot of assets; certainly interstate is a big one, their location on the eastern seaboard. They're halfway between New York and Miami –which is great they got a lot of things going for them," said Rice.

Today's county re-branding is just slightly ahead of a new project county leaders say they are pumping more than ten million dollars into.

"We're proposing, we are working on, we got all the leadership in Dillon County working on a workforce development center for our people in Dillon County that is unemployed," said Haywood Proctor, Dillon County.

For people like Natalia the efforts going into promoting Dillon County are promising.

"I believe this is just a small sign that things are about to get better for Dillon County," said McLeod.

By Ken Baker