The Obama Administration's State Department has issued its final opinion on the Keystone pipeline. It concludes that the pipeline will have no material adverse environmental impact.

The permit application has been pending for over five years. Dozens of studies have been completed. Yet the President remains undecided about whether construction should be allowed. The House of Representatives passed a bill last year, with Democratic support, that would have approved the pipeline, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused to take it up.

If constructed, the pipeline will carry 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada and North Dakota to refineries on the Gulf Coast. It will provide many benefits to include:

1. Lower bills at the gas pump, which have increased by $1.30 per gallon since President Obama took office;.

2. Lower monthly utility bills, which will reportedly increase $40 per month for the average family as a result of President Obama's war on coal;

3. During the two-year construction period for the pipeline, 42,000 jobs will be created when we desperately need them. The President's vast expansion of regulation and tax increases have resulted in an anemic economic recovery. Household income for the middle class has declined every year that President Obama has been in office. Millions of Americans have given up trying to look for work and have dropped out of the labor force, to become dependent on the President’s ever-expanding welfare state;

4. Lower energy cost makes companies in America more competitive. That means keeping American jobs here, and bring other American jobs coming back home;

5. Reduced oil imported from the Middle East;

6. Reduced trade deficit and stronger U.S. dollar resulting in lower prices;

7. More of our wealth and dollars retained in the U.S. where it can be used to invest in this country and our infrastructure, rather that building infrastructure in the Middle East;

8. Vast reductions in truck and train traffic carrying oil. This will put less stress on our road- and rail-infrastructure, thereby reducing accidents and the resulting environmental damage;

9. Another great stride toward energy independence. This increases our national security as we are no longer subject to the whims of OPEC;

10. Reduced budget deficit resulting from increased economic activity, and less American lives and military capital spent in foreign lands.

These benefits will affect every American family. The President loves to say that he is for the middle class, but as in the past, you can't take what he says at face value (“If you like your policy, you can keep it…period”). His policies put middle class people out of work and cut others to part time while at the same time increasing their taxes, costs at the pump, utility costs and healthcare costs. It is no wonder that the economic recovery has been anemic.

He has a chance here to actually practice what he preaches.

Mr. President, this is a no brainer. Five years of waiting is long enough. Approve the permit and let's put Americans back to work!

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