Next week is the final legislative week of 2019. Speaker Pelosi has scheduled an action-packed week just before going home for Christmas. 

Tuesday: Vote on a temporary bill to fund the government for the next month or two (a horrible way to run a shoe store, much less the federal government with a $4 trillion annual budget)

Wednesday: Impeach the President 

Thursday: Approve the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada (which is a huge win for the President 

There is no reason that all these things had to be packed into the last week. Speaker Pelosi is trying to paint a picture of normal governance with impeachment sandwiched in the middle. Pelosi is and always has been purely about the politics, and right now the politics are really bad for the Democrats. 

The American people have figured this out, and they are sick of it. Their disgust is showing up in the polls. That’s why Speaker “Poll”osi wants it over with. She wants to keep her gavel next year, and she sees it slipping away.

The impeachment vote is the culmination of three years of corrupt effort by the Clinton Campaign, the Democratic Party and the federal bureaucracy to discredit and remove the President. He has been the target of an astounding barrage of lies, deceit, and corruption. 

First, the Clinton campaign pays a sewage production company, Fusion GPS, to assemble a package of lies about Donald Trump and call it the “dossier” to give it credibility (I think dossier is French for bullcrap). Fusion GPS hands off the dossier to Obama’s Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr through his wife Nellie Ohr, who works for Fusion GPS (I wonder how she got that job). Bruce Ohr hands it off to top officials at the FBI who, knowing it is salacious and unverified (that’s spy speak for bullcrap) use it as evidence to get a wiretap to spy on the Trump campaign (wait, isn’t that what Nixon did?). Then they use it over and over in court, knowing it is a lie, to reinstate the wiretap long after Trump becomes President.

Trump fires Leakin’ James Comey for perpetrating the fraud, Mueller gets appointed based on the fraud, and President Trump endures two years of an independent counsel colonoscopy that turns up exactly NADA (which is not the same as MAGA).

By the by, President Trump obliterates every single obstacle that they can throw at him. In spite of it all, he slashes regulation, cuts government intrusion, passes tax reform (I helped a little), passes prison reform, forces our NATO allies to pay their share, reaffirms our commitments to Israel, and renegotiates trade deals to make them more fair for American workers. We were only one vote short in the Senate of ending the disaster called Obamacare that has almost tripled the cost of healthcare in America in the last 4 years. And more victories are soon on the way.

Record employment for everyone. Record unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics. Three percent wage growth. Record highs in the stock market. The list goes on and on. After decades of stagnation, the middle class is recovering. 

In July, President Trump makes a phone call to congratulate the Ukrainian President on an election win and says we send you a lot of aid, do me a favor, please work on corruption in your government, including the Bidens. Could it be that he made this request, not because Joe Biden is running for President, but because he doesn’t want our aid money lost to corruption?!?

Apparently, every bureaucrat in D.C. was listening in on this phone call (why Trump allows that is beyond me). None of them reported it at the time. But some unnamed bureaucrat on the call gossiped to some other unnamed bureaucrat that we now call a whistleblower (everyone knows the identity of the whistleblower except for the media and Adam Schiff, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee (wait...WHAT?), and he just forgot, because he and/or his staff helped the whistleblower prepare the complaint that he filed with Adam Schiff over a big resist family dinner). 

“Poll”osi who in May said she did not support impeachment, unless it was compelling and bipartisan, announced formal impeachment proceedings had begun, without any vote in the house and on grounds that were neither compelling nor bipartisan (in fact when we had a vote weeks later, two Democrats voted against opening the inquiry). Schiff conducted weeks of secret hearings so that he could choose just the right witnesses and get them well-rehearsed. Too bad that only one of the dozen or so witnesses had ever met the President or discussed his policy on Ukrainian aid with him.

The reaction of the American people that this is contrived and corrupt was entirely predictable and is entirely correct. “Poll”osi is desperate to stop the bleeding and dispose of it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Leader McConnell has correctly stated that President Trump has exactly zero chance of being removed in the Senate.

“Poll”osi has 31 Democrats holding seats that Trump won. Many of those districts like the President and are angry. If half of those Democrats in red seats lose in 11 months, “Poll”osi loses her gavel, and the Democrats fall back into obscurity. And this week, she is going to make them walk the plank and vote on an impeachment that America does not want and has zero chance of success. No wonder she is so anxious to get it over with. 

But next week will be a busy one in the House of Representatives!

In their zeal to attack President Trump, Democrats have weaponized the FBI and Justice Department and have now moved on to the Internal Revenue Service. They continue to grasp at straws – to no avail – and no matter the cost.

A few weeks ago, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said many members of Congress might not have the technical background to understand President Trump’s tax returns if they became public.

That isn’t to say such members are unintelligent. I’d struggle to read a medical chart in physician jargon. But I do have expertise in understanding a tax return. That’s because I’m a certified public accountant and a lawyer.

I practiced tax law for 25 years and have reviewed countless tax returns. I sit on the House Ways and Means Committee, which just rewrote the tax code for the first time in 30 years.

It’s clear to me that the Democrats’ aggressive campaign to publicize the president’s tax returns is a dishonest political ploy that threatens the privacy of all American taxpayers.

On top of this, a tax return won’t produce the poison the Democrats are desperately searching for.

Congress long ago passed laws that require elected officials to submit detailed disclosures of their financial lives. These disclosure laws have been regularly updated, most recently in 2013. Notably, these laws don’t require disclosure of tax returns. Congress could have chosen to legally require disclosure of tax returns, but did not.

President Trump has fully complied with the financial disclosure laws set by Congress. His 92-page disclosure discusses his assets, income, transactions, liabilities, gifts, travel reimbursements and sources of compensation exceeding $5,000 in a year.

This disclosure document has been made readily available to anyone who wishes to view it. Democrats reviewed the president’s disclosure but didn’t find what they wanted to attack him.

What would the president’s federal income tax returns show? An idea of his income streams, assets he sold that year, and how much individual tax he paid.

The tax returns of the president’s business entities may have a balance sheet that would provide an idea of assets and liabilities.

But no matter how hard Democrats might try to convince you, there is no line on any tax form that would show President Trump colluded with Russia to get elected.

All told, 19 lawyers on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s staff spent two years combing through President Trump’s life, financial and otherwise, looking for collusion with Russia. They found none.

The Democrats now seem to believe that if you disagree with political opponents, you may use the tax code to fish for opportunities to discredit them. This is dangerous ground.

Regardless of these facts, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has made it clear her party will use all levers of government to “make these tax returns public.”

Regrettably, Democrats will continue waging all-out political warfare against our president, even if it means weaponizing another federal agency and jeopardizing the privacy of every single American.

Our failure to control our southern border is a national disgrace and Americans are paying the price. Unfair competition from illegal workers has diminished our middle class. The flood of illegal narcotics has brought misery and death to thousands of Americans.

Do not confuse legal immigration with illegal immigration. America is a very generous nation. We accept more than 1.1 million legal immigrants every year, far more than any other country.

However, unwilling to comply with our legal immigration system, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens cross our southern border every year. We do not know the exact number of people that reside here illegally, but estimates range from 10 million to 20 million. This unlimited supply of cheap labor holds down wages and steals jobs from hard-working, law-abiding Americans. It is one of the reasons our middle class hasn’t grown or gotten a raise in decades. The most affected are the most vulnerable — those at the bottom of the income ladder. In a 2015 study, Harvard Professor George Borjas found that competition from low-skilled immigrants has reduced entry-level middle class wages by $800 to $1,500 each year.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi loves to complain about income inequality. Well, we have a chance to do something about it. Stop the endless flow of illegal labor and watch wages rise.

In 2017, 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, up 100 percent over a decade, and it’s accelerating. Think about this: The drug epidemic kills more Americans than traffic deaths and homicides combined. The scourge of drug deaths may not be new, but it is exploding across America as gangs and drug cartels become more adept at exploiting our porous southern border. Drug Enforcement Administration reports confirm that 300 Americans die every week from heroin, 90 percent of which comes across our southern border.

In 2017, 134 of these opioid-related deaths were in South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District, which I represent. I asked local law enforcement officers how these deadly drugs are getting into the hands of my constituents. Their answers echoed fellow officers, border officials and drug enforcement agents across the country: the southern border. As President Trump has said, the status quo response to the crisis at our border is no longer effective.

Once again, a group of obstructionists who like to call themselves environmentalists is trying to steal opportunities away from South Carolina. The Coastal Conservation League and Southern Environmental Law Center filed a suit in federal court a week before Christmas to halt the construction of Interstate 73, highlighting their continued disregard for the public good.
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