Our nation’s infrastructure system is the backbone of our country and a critical driver to the success of our economy; therefore, it is critical we make the necessary investments needed to keep this system strong. As Americans and South Carolinians alike continue to take to the open road more and more, we need to match this increase with a similar amount of maintenance and improvements to our highways and bridges.

We have critical, unfinished transportation projects in our district and possibilities to enhance our infrastructure to entice new business and make our district competitive. My number one infrastructure focus for the 7th District is the construction of Interstate 73. I-73 will traverse Marlboro, Dillon, and Marion counties – some of the most impoverished in our state – and end in Horry County. It will make each of these counties and the surrounding areas more attractive to industry and bring thousands of much-needed jobs.

I’ve always been an advocate for necessary infrastructure repairs and investment and will continue to work diligently on I-73 and other infrastructure needs in our district to ensure that they given the attention they deserve by the federal government.

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