WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Rice (SC-07) issued the following statement after voting against the Continuing Resolution.

"Last night Congress voted for a Continuing Resolution, or CR, that funds the government until December 9. I voted no and here’s why. Part of my job as a member of Congress is funding the government, but another part of my job is to pass spending bills that reflect the priorities and concerns of my constituents and that move America forward. Congress holds the power of the purse and we can use it to broker good deals and roll back the regulatory grabs of President Obama. However, this bill did not defund a single regulation put in place by the Obama administration, including 385 regulations, the overtime rule, fiduciary rule, or the expansion of EPA jurisdiction under WOTUS rule– all of which stifle business and make America less competitive. The American people elected me and other members of Congress to be leaders, and by passing bills that only temporarily keep the government open and don’t offer solutions, we are not acting as leaders."