Washington, D.C.—Rep. Rice (SC-07) released the following statement today in regards to latest unemployment report from the Department of Labor:  

“Today’s jobs report revealed a  sharp decline workforce participation, further evidence that the President’s policies are hurting middle class families, not helping them.  At a time when millions of hardworking Americans – veterans, recent college graduates, parents, and single mothers—are unemployed or have given up on finding work all together, the President must not give up on them.  He must eliminate his Administration’s job-killing regulations, rein in his overzealous EPA, and present a fiscally responsible budget plan that does not spend more than it takes in.

“As a representative of an area plagued with some of the highest unemployment rates in the state, it is a priority of mine to create more jobs and opportunity.  I will continue to support legislation that eliminates onerous regulations, restores certainty in the market place, and reforms our tax code so we can achieve a real recovery and get people back to work.”