WASHINGTON, D.C.— Congressman Tom Rice (SC-07) released the following statement after the Army Corps of Engineers included $500,000 in their work plan for the Georgetown Port:

“I’m very pleased that the Army Corps recognizes the merit of the Georgetown Port project and has chosen to once again include the project in their work plan. Last year, the Georgetown Port received $2 million in funding. This year, we were able to continue the Army Corps’ commitment to this project with an additional $500,000. These investments show a commitment to a project that has not been dredged since 2008, and are vital steps in getting the Georgetown Port dredged.

“Infrastructure is critical to our state’s competitiveness and the Georgetown Port is one of the most effective ways to create jobs in our district.”

The Georgetown Harbor Project received $500,000 in the Army Corps of Engineers Fiscal Year 2016 Work Plan for the Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site. When a harbor is dredged, the material must be disposed in strict, environmentally sound areas. In addition to maintaining these areas, the Army Corps is testing sediment in the Georgetown Harbor to determine where it is safe to dispose.

Congressman Rice was one of 28 Members of Congress appointed to the Conference Committee for the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) of 2013.  On the Conference Committee, Congressman Rice worked to ensure that the final WRRDA bill signed into law included language that made 10 percent of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund available for the dredging of low-tonnage, small ports like the Port of Georgetown.