WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Rice (R-SC) today discussed challenges the jobs gap is presenting in the Seventh District at a Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee hearing entitled, “Jobs and Opportunity: Legislative Options to Address the Jobs Gap.” This was the fourth in a series of hearings focused on addressing the demand for workers as a result of strong economic growth created by tax reform. Congressman Rice has been active in workforce development efforts in the Seventh District and asked witnesses how we can increase workforce participation and engage the population that is on the sidelines of our economy.

“Opportunity has been restored. Education has been provided. And technical schools can’t get people to sign up” said Congressman Rice. How do you break this generational cycle, this feeling that you should rely on government assistance to take care of you?  When we say opportunity is for you, they don’t believe opportunity is for them. How do you break that cycle and get these people re-engaged?”

Congressman Rice’s full line of questioning can be found here.


Because of tax reform, our economy is flourishing and businesses are creating jobs. However, many companies are struggling to fill these open positions. The Ways and Means Committee is holding a series of hearings to address the disconnect between employers’ increased demand for workers and the millions of Americans not in the labor force.