Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Rice (SC-07) today released the following statement regarding the House passage of H.R. 5230 and H.R. 5272, the House’s border plan:

“The illegal immigration situation on our border is a national and humanitarian crisis,” said Congressman Rice.  “President Obama’s executive actions and inaction have resulted in thousands of children leaving their home countries and in an attempt to cross our border. 

“After much deliberation, my colleagues and I passed a border security plan to address the crisis occurring at our southern border.  This plan ramps up border security measures, reunites children with their families back in their home countries, and redirects foreign aid funding toward border security.  These bills do not grant amnesty.  Now that the House has done its part to address the crisis at the border, I strongly urge the Senate and President to do the same,” concluded Rice.

Key points of the Border Bills the House sent to the Senate today:

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