WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Rice (R-S.C.) today released the following statement on the passage of Tax Reform 2.0.

“Tax Reform 2.0 is about changing the existing mindset in Washington. Instead of allowing decades to pass by without implementing economic reforms, we are actively working on policies that will create prosperity for workers, families, and businesses” said Congressman Rice. “When we passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it had been 31 years since our tax code had been reformed, causing America to fall behind our global competitors and hurting our middle class. Now, less than a year after tax reform was signed into law, our economy is booming- unemployment is at a record low, consumer and small business confidence are at historic highs, and wages are growing at their fastest pace in nearly a decade. Today, the House voted to make tax cuts at every level permanent and lock in tax relief for small businesses, which will provide certainty and support long-term growth. In addition to cementing in the benefits of pro-growth tax cuts, this legislation will encourage American innovation and help families save for the future. Tax Reform 2.0 will build on the economic momentum that is creating new opportunities and lifting people up in South Carolina and across the country.”