WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Rice (R-S.C.) released the following statement upon receiving a letter from Governor McMaster that included an updated estimate for Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Relief (CDBG-DR) funding. In the letter, Governor McMaster also called upon the South Carolina delegation to seek funding for I-73.

“In the Seventh District, we are facing a long and costly recovery from Hurricane Florence. Governor McMaster’s request for additional CDBG-DR funding will ensure we can help as many people rebuild as possible. Additionally, I am glad the Governor has asked the South Carolina delegation to find a way to fund I-73 as an emergency evacuation route. Improving our outdated infrastructure is critical to enhancing our disaster preparedness” said Congressman Tom Rice. “I would like to thank Governor McMaster for his lifesaving actions during the storm and his commitment to the people of South Carolina during the recovery process. We will continue to work together to ensure a strong, complete recovery for our constituents.”