Washington, DC- Rep. Tom Rice (SC-07), supported the “No Budget, No Pay” bill today, which passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support by a vote of 285-144.

“Americans are tired. They are tired of the political theater and Washington’s inability to work together,” said Rice.  “The Senate’s refusal to pass a budget when Washington is running up a multi-trillion dollar deficit is not only unconstitutional, it’s irresponsible.  The government must quit piling their debts on to our children and grandchildren.”

“Today we sent a very clear message to the Senate- do your job.  Washington doesn’t need a long-term debt ceiling increase; it needs a long-term debt reduction plan, which can only be enacted if a budget is in place.  The one-sided debate is over; if the Senate doesn’t do their job and pass a budget, they will not get paid.  Ask yourselves, if you didn’t do your job, would you get paid?”

“I will continue to fight for the employees who have taken hefty pay cuts, the single parents working two jobs, and the seniors fearing for their future, by demanding a budget from Washington,” Rice concluded.

The U.S. Senate has refused to pass a budget, the most basic responsibility of governing, for nearly four years.