Washington, D.C.— Congressman Tom Rice (SC-07) today released the following statement regarding the House passage of the short-term continuing resolution (CR):

“In the early hours of Sunday morning I voted to keep the government's doors open by extending federal funding until mid-December, delaying ObamaCare for one year, and repealing the onerous medical device tax.  It is now up to Harry Reid and the Senate to act.  I am skeptical that the Democrat-led Senate will take up this common-sense proposal and avoid a government shutdown.

“In addition the House passed, and I supported, a provision that ensures our troops will continue to receive their pay in case the Democrat Senate fails to act.  Many of my constituents contacted my offices this week to express their concerns and disregard for the President's health care law and for the political theater going on in Washington.  Rest assured, I will do everything I can to promote conservative, limited-government ideals, while protecting my constituents and hardworking Americans everywhere from Washington's continued brinkmanship.”