WASHINGTON – Thursday morning Congressman Tom Rice (SC-07) voted in the House Committee on Ways & Means to approve the American Health Care Act, legislation that will repeal and replace Obamacare. During markup of the legislation, Congressman Rice spoke about how Obamacare is hurting South Carolinians and driving up health care costs because of burdensome taxes.

You can view Rep. Rice’s remarks below or by clicking here.

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Congressman Rice said, in part,

“Healthcare premiums have gone up across the board. In my state, this year they went up almost 30 percent. … My entire state only has one provider and they’re threatening to pull out.

“I have statement after statement after statement from folks in South Carolina that are being horribly damaged by this law.

“I submit to you that if you have an insurance policy that pays nothing, that the deductibles are so high that you can’t use it, regardless of the fact that statistics may say you’re covered, you are not covered.

“We’re simply trying to do a blanket repeal of all of the taxes that were instituted under the Affordable Care Act.

“You’re taxing healthcare providers and then telling the American public that healthcare costs will go down because of that. How absurd is that? That you would tax healthcare providers, make their expenses go up, and then really expect that healthcare costs would go down.”


The American Health Care Act was introduced Monday and considered this week in the House Committee on Ways & Means and the House Energy & Commerce Committee. This bill would repeal harmful Obamacare taxes like the individual and employer mandates, preserve patient protections so people won’t be denied for pre-existing conditions, and give individuals and families better control of their health care by expanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

Full text of the American Health Care Act is available here.