Washington, D.C.—Rep. Rice (SC-07) released the following statement regarding President Obama’s 2014 Budget plan, which was unveiled today:

“Americans have waited more than two months for the President’s budget proposal and today we were presented with an impractical plan.  The President’s budget increases Washington’s out-of-control spending, raises taxes, and buries future generations in debt.  Middle class families, college graduates, small business owners, and seniors alike cannot afford another tax hike and more bloated government spending.  

“My colleagues and I in the House of Representatives passed a fiscally responsible budget last month that slows the growth of government spending, keeps taxes low, and balances.  Our budget, unlike the President’s budget, takes steps to correct decades of reckless government spending and puts our country on a path to prosperity. Families across the country are making tough budget choices to make ends meet and it is time for Washington to do the same.  A serious budget plan cuts frivolous spending, rather than asking taxpayers to pay more so the government can spend more. 

“While I have concerns with both the President’s and Senate Democrat’s budgets, for the first time in four years the federal budget process is actually moving forward. I am hopeful that this momentum can continue and we—both Republicans and Democrats—can work out our differences to produce the first fully reconciled budget for the first time since 2009.”

To view the House-passed budget plan, click here.