Washington, D.C.— Congressman Rice urges Congressional Leadership to include $100 billion for tourism and small businesses in aid package.

“Our district is home to almost 500 hotels and over 1,800 restaurants. These businesses and the workers they employ face an existential threat from the lockdowns necessitated by the spread of COVID-19. Unlike other industries, they have been ordered to close their doors by the government.

I spent last week speaking with small businesses, chambers of commerce, and business leaders in the tourism industry about possible solutions for the disruption that this disease has caused the tourism market on Grand strand and Pee Dee. I’ve spoken repeatedly with the Governor McMaster, Senators Graham and Scott, the chairman of the Ways and Means committee, and Republican leadership regarding the devastating effects on the tourism industry.

Yesterday, I sent a letter to Leadership asking that the tourism industry be given $100 billion to support them during this pandemic.

Small businesses and tourism are the back bone of the economy, especially in South Carolina. I will continue to fight for South Carolina’s businesses and support them through this tough time.”