Washington, D.C.—Rep. Tom Rice (SC-07) today cosponsored the SAVE Act, bipartisan legislation that eliminates more than $200 billion dollars in wasteful government spending and duplicative programs.

“As a member of Congress it is my duty to safeguard your hard-earned tax dollars and this is a responsibility I take seriously,” said Rep. Rice.  “It is no secret that our federal government spends too much and this reckless spending must stop.  All in all, this bill would save hardworking taxpayers $200 billion dollars just by streamlining government programs and reducing Washington’s expenses, such as improving the  management of the federal government’s 400,000 buildings and cutting costs on excess or underutilized space.  This fiscally responsible legislation will get our country back on a path to prosperity.”     

View the full text of the H.R. 1999, the SAVE Act, here.