WASHINGTON – Representative Tom Rice (R-S.C.) today released the following statement ahead of the House vote to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion to $31.4 trillion.

“The Democratic party holds the House, Senate, and the Presidency. If they have the power to pass trillions of dollars in spending without a single Republican vote, then they can surely take responsibility for our exploding debt by raising the ceiling on their own. This summer, I pledged that I wouldn’t help Democrats raise the debt ceiling and I intend to deliver on that promise.”


Congressman Rice joined over 100 House colleagues in signing a letter on August 30, 2021 promising not to vote to increase the debt ceiling, whether the increase comes through a stand-alone bill, a continuing resolution, or any other vehicle. 

Congressman Rice spoke at the U.S. House of Representatives Rules Committee meeting on September 29, 2021 to discuss how House Republicans will not help House Democrats raise the debt limit.