Washington, DC —House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (WI-01), Rep. Tom Rice (SC-07), and Committee Republicans released their plan to balance the budget today.  This responsible plan reins in spending, reforms government, and strengthens our economy—all without raising taxes.

“The budget plan my colleagues and I unveiled today is a promise to our fellow Americans,” said Rice. “Together, we will work hard for a future filled with opportunity, growth, and prosperity.  With the national debt more than $16.6 trillion dollars, it is evident that Washington is spending too much.  Not only does our budget balance by 2023, it also slows the growth of spending to 3.4%, instead of the current projections of 5%.  At a time when hardworking American families are living off of a budget, the federal government should be no different.  My colleagues and I believe it is time for America to change course and get back on a path of prosperity. This begins with a balanced budget plan.”