WASHINGTON Congressman Tom Rice (R-SC) released the following statement after introducing the National Organ Transplant Act Amendments of 2018:   

“Organ donations give recipients who have been suffering from life-threatening illnesses a second chance. Even though organ donations are increasing, transplant waiting lists are growing at a much faster rate. The Health Resources and Services Administration currently focuses on distributing a finite amount of organs to patients, which has created winners and losers on growing waiting lists across the country. Outdated policies should not dictate whether someone receives a life-saving transplant. This legislation will increase organ donations by reprioritizing local donation efforts, coordinating efforts to maximize limited resources, supporting organ procurement organizations, and ensuring rural populations have access to transplant services.”


The National Organ Transplant Act Amends of 2018 will increase the supply of organ donors by focusing on four main principles:

  1. Donations are a local effort, and communities must be incentivized from their efforts
  2. Organ procurement organizations and centers need support to increase donations and must be held accountable for their performance
  3. Vulnerable and rural populations must be assured access to transplant services
  4. Federal regulation of transplantation must be coordinated to maximize organ use