A crisis of the Democrats’ own making

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tom Rice (R - S.C.) today spoke at the U.S. House of Representatives Rules Committee meeting to discuss how House Republicans will not help House Democrats raise the debt limit. The Congressman highlighted how irresponsible it is for Congress to continue raising the debt limit and keep spending without any kind of framework. 

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A selection of the Congressman’s remarks from meeting are below.

A Crisis of the Democrats’ Own Making: “Democrats hold the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. They could pass this in reconciliation and Republicans could not do anything to stop it. And yet, they choose to wait until the last minute, create this emergency, and somehow magically blame Republicans. They could pass this tomorrow if they chose to do it. Republicans are not going to participate with this exploding debt that is going to stifle our economy once again, just like they did with the financial crisis in 2008.”

Harming Retirees, Seniors, and Soldiers: It’s always been within the control of the Democrats to bring it up and to pass it. We already passed a reconciliation bill in March. It could have easily been included in that. Your decision not to include it in that and to pass it with solely democratic votes is a mystery to me other than you want to play a political game. And, that game is a dangerous game. It is a dangerous game for our credit, the credit of the United States. It is a dangerous game for our retirees, our seniors, and our soldiers. And if those people are hurt by this, if the economy is hurt by this, then that is your choice. You are the ones who have not made this a priority.”

Congress Has a Responsibility to Curb Government Spending: “In every spending bill we do, we should be looking at ways to curb rather than grow government spending. Washington is addicted to government spending. We must take measures to curb it in every aspect of government rather than these massive growths in entitlement programs, and taxes, and regulatory policies of these three bills that Democrats are pushing across the line with no Republican support.”