The State of our Union is Strong 

In his State of the Union Address, President Trump spoke to the successes we've had during his first two years in office and laid out an optimistic policy vision to lift up all Americans. He celebrated our strong economy and called for bipartisan action on priorities like infrastructure investment, lowering prescription drug prices, and reforming our immigration system. His call for unity was inspiring and uplifting, but unfortunately many Democrats refused to recognize our achievements or express support for policies that will move our country forward. The State of our Union is stronger and the American dream is more attainable because of policies that put South Carolinians and Americans first. Thanks to President Trump, there is a new dawn in America and opportunity has been restored for people who have been left behind.

I am committed to delivering on the President's agenda so that we can unleash our full potential and create American opportunity for generations to come.

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Improving Rural Infrastructure 


The R.J. Corman railroad improvement project began this week, which will rehabilitate railroads running through Marion and Horry Counties. My office supported local efforts to obtain a federal grant and bring this project to fruition. This infrastructure investment will facilitate more efficient freight movement, attracting job-creating businesses to rural communities in our district. I look forward to seeing the new opportunities this project will bring to the Seventh District! 

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Protecting the Sanctity of Every Life


In New York, they actually lit up the One World Trade Center to “celebrate” the passage of a bill that allows abortions to be performed right up to the moment of birth. In Virginia, Governor Northam advocated for a bill that allows abortion to be performed when the mother is “about to give birth." I cannot believe this would be celebrated in the United States. It is unconscionable. In his State of the Union, President Trump called on Congress to pass legislation to ban the late-term abortion of babies who can feel pain in the womb. We’re already getting to work.

The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act passed the House last year, but was blocked by Senate Democrats. This legislation would ensure any infant born alive after an abortion receives the same protection of law as any newborn and was re-introduced this week. House Republicans are in the process of collecting signatures to force Speaker Pelosi to bring this bill to the floor for a vote. It is beyond belief that we even have to debate protecting the lives of newborn babies, but I will fight to protect the sanctity of every life.

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Fact Check: Democrats are Weaponizing the IRS for Political Gain


I am proud of all that the Ways and Means Committee has done to strengthen our economy and help Americans keep more of their hard earned money. Rather than spending time debating meaningful policies that will continue our economic boom, Ways and Means Democrats held a sham hearing this week focused on obtaining President Trump's tax returns. Despite what Democrats want you to believe, there is no law that requires the President to disclose his tax returns. The Ethics in Government Act of 1978 created mandatory, public disclosure of financial and employment history of public officials and their immediate families. President Trump's disclosure contains much more information than his tax return would reveal. In their zeal to attack this President, Democrats are weaponizing the IRS, just like they've weaponized the FBI and DOJ.

Watch my line of questioning and remarks at the hearing below. 

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