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What Will You Do With $1,787?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is providing much needed relief to families across the country. The bill lowers individual tax rates for low and middle income Americans, doubles the child tax credit, and significantly increases the standard deduction to ensure you are keeping more of your hard earned money! A middle-income family of four in our district will see a tax cut of $1,787. I want to know how you plan to use the extra money in your wallet. Fill out the form linked below to let me know how you plan to use your tax cut!

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Vote Notes 

  On Monday, I voted for the Action for Dental Health Act in order to improve essential oral health care for underserved communities. Without spending additional taxpayer dollars, the bill expands oral health care access by better utilizing existing resources for preventative efforts. Focusing on preventative treatment options and improving early diagnosis will reduce costly emergency room visits that rarely provide patients with comprehensive oral care. Now, this bipartisan legislation will advance to the Senate before being sent to President Trump's desk. 

The House of Representatives acted to protect children from online trafficking by passing the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. This legislation ensures that those who knowingly facilitate sex trafficking are held accountable and supports survivors who seek justice. This is an important step towards ending online sex trafficking and supporting victims of these heinous crimes.


Supporting Our Veterans 

  The Disabled American Veterans stopped by my D.C. office this week to discuss critical policy issues impacting veterans in South Carolina and across the country. Last year my district office partnered with the Institute for Public Service and Policy Research to conduct a survey of veterans living in the seventh district of South Carolina about their experiences using both the VA health system and non-VA facilities. We gained important insight into their health care experiences, including issues with scheduling appointments and overall quality of care. After seeing the value this provided at the local level, I introduced the Survey our Servicemembers Act, which would establish a nationwide, annual survey of veterans' experiences receiving health care. Earlier this week, President Trump sent me a signed article about my goal to establish this survey and ensure veterans are getting the care they deserve!  


NAFTA Negotiations

  I have had an active role in pursuing modern trade agreements that will increase our global competitiveness while providing certainty for American businesses and workers. I am spending this weekend in Mexico City with a bipartisan Congressional Delegation to participate in the seventh round of NAFTA negotiations. Our delegation has had productive meetings with leaders and stakeholders from the United States, Canada, and Mexico to share our priorities and move the negotiations forward. I also had the opportunity to attend a meeting at the White House this week to discuss the importance of fair and effective trade agreements with President Trump. I am making sure the interests of South Carolina and the United States are represented during these important discussions.