The Facts on Border Security

There is a security and humanitarian crisis at our southern border and the status quo response from Congress is no longer sustainable. Below are a few of the facts explaining the extent of the illegal immigration crisis faced by our Border Patrol Officers on the frontline and by American citizens everyday:

  • Over the last year, ICE officers arrested 235,000 aliens on various criminal charges or convictions within the interior of the United States- including roughly 100,000 for assault, 30,000 for sex crimes, and 4,000 for homicides. 

  • Border Patrol Agents seized over 3,500 pounds of opioids in the last five years, primarily near the southern border.

  • Over the past year Border Patrol Agents seized 38% more methamphetamine, 22% more heroin, and 73% more fentanyl at the southern border. 

  • Over 300 Americans are killed a week from heroin, 90% of which comes across the southern border. 

Unfortunately, we saw more of the same political games from Democrats in Washington this week. Instead of coming to the negotiating table, they brought forward spending bills that included no funding for border security, knowing they would not be considered by the Senate or President Trump. President Trump and Congressional Republicans are working to implement a comprehensive border security plan that will give our Border Patrol Officers the resources they need to protect American citizens from the scourges coming across our border.

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Law Enforcement Appreciation

  Tuesday was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! I am so thankful for law enforcement officers in the Seventh District who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. I especially would like to thank Patrolman McMahon who retired this week after spending 13 years protecting our community with the Myrtle Beach Police Department and serving as Myrtle Beach High School's School Resource Officer.

Thank you to all of the law enforcement officers who work around the clock to protect our community- you will always have my heartfelt appreciation and strongest support!

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Intern Spotlight 

  Our Washington D.C. office has two new interns serving the Seventh District!

Brittany is from Myrtle Beach and has her law degree from the College of Charleston. Here is what she has to say about her experience on Capitol Hill so far: "I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking with constituents within the district and listening to their opinions and concerns regarding our Nation. Additionally, I have gained great insight into the workings on Capitol Hill and the overall legislative process."

Bradley studied public policy and political science at James Madison University. This is what he said about his time working in our office: "I’ve really enjoyed learning the practical side of working in a United States Congressional office. From answering phones, to delivering paperwork, an internship on the Hill really allows you to learn firsthand what it takes to pass legislation and govern. I’ve learned that the small things matter and attention to detail is key."

Visit my website to learn more about internship opportunities available with my offices! 

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ICYMI: Carolina This Week Interview

  I joined Trey Paul on Carolina This Week to discuss why it is absolutely critical that we secure our border now. If you missed the interview, watch it below! 

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Constituent Services Reminder

  As we begin the new year, I want to remind you of the different services offered by my offices. My staff in Washington is focused on legislation, writing and analyzing bills and trying to find ways to improve our country through laws at the federal level. But I also have two offices in the district, one in Florence for the Pee Dee region, and one in Myrtle Beach for the Grand Strand. My office has helped people with a variety of federal agency problems, closing an average of 1,500 constituent cases per year. 

We help people with things like VA claims, Social Security benefits, Medicaid/Medicare, the IRS, obtaining passports, federal student loans, some immigration cases, and more issues dealing with federal government agencies. We can't always get to "yes" but we do get there more than our fair share.

If you are having an issue with a federal agency, see the side bar for times and locations to visit my staff this month– we are here to help!