New and Improved

 Remembering Fritz Hollings

  I joined the South Carolina delegation on the House Floor to honor Fritz Hollings and celebrate his remarkable life. Fritz Hollings dedicated his life to service. Whether it was serving in World War II, as governor of South Carolina, or as a United States Senator the legacy he leaves behind is unmatched. He embodied what it meant to be a part of the “Greatest Generation” and truly had a servant’s heart.

Watch my tribute to Senator Hollings below.

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New Tax Code. New IRS. 


Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act became the law of the land, our economic potential has been unleashed and America is once again the land of opportunity. Our new and improved tax code demands a new and improved IRS. In order for any company to be successful, they need modern technology that supports their customer service mission. The IRS- whose customers are 140 million individual taxpayers- should be no exception. This week, the House passed the Taxpayer First Act, which will require the IRS to modernize their ancient technology and will address many of the issues American taxpayers face when dealing with our nation's tax collector. 

I hope the Senate takes up this important legislation soon so that we can send it to President Trump's desk this year! 




Increasing SC Tourism 

  This week I re-introduced the bipartisan Jobs Originating through Launching Travel Act (JOLT). The JOLT Act will enhance our economic competitiveness and strengthen national security by modernizing the Visa Waiver Program, which facilitates streamlined travel into the United States for pre-approved travelers from member countries. Modernizing outdated visa policies will create American jobs and boost South Carolina’s tourism industry all while bolstering homeland security and counterterrorism efforts. 

I was also proud to be named one of the U.S. Travel's Distinguished Travel Champions of 2019 for sponsoring legislation that will enhance U.S. security and grow our economy. 

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  ICYMI: Carolina This Week   
  It's always a pleasure to join Trey Paul on Carolina This Week! Last week we talked about how I-73 will help the Seventh District reach our full potential and discussed my work in Congress to lower drug prices and bring jobs to our area. If you missed the segment, you can watch it below. 

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Telephone Town Hall 

  Thank you to everyone who participated in Monday's Telephone Town Hall! I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedules to discuss important issues facing our country. Being accessible to answer your questions and provide updates about my work on behalf of the Seventh District is one of the most important aspects of my job.