Free for Coffee This Week? 

It has been a very busy start to the legislative session in Washington, and there is much more to come! I’d like to invite you for coffee to discuss what’s been happening in D.C. and what I can do in Congress to help you and your family. This coming week, we'll be in Darlington, Florence, and Loris. Location details are on my website. All of these events are free and open to the public, so grab a few friends and join me for a cup of joe! 



Why I Voted Against the Government Spending Bill


Over the last few weeks, a bipartisan group of Senators and Congressmen were tasked with coming up with a comprise bill to secure our border and fund the government. The final legislation failed to adequately address border security or disaster relief. I could not in good conscience vote for a spending bill that did not allocate enough funding for border security while American citizens are suffering due to the unchecked flow of drugs and cheap labor coming across our southern border. Additionally, It was unacceptable to me that this legislation did not address disaster relief while many of my constituents are still recovering from Hurricane Florence and millions of Americans are struggling after last year's devastating natural disasters.

This bill did not reflect the priorities of South Carolinians or Americans, and I could not support it.



2018 Natural Disasters Tax Relief Act 

  From Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas to the wildfires in California, natural disasters devastated communities across the country last year and many people are still facing a long, costly recovery process. This week, I introduced legislation that will help alleviate some of the financial difficulties faced by those recovering from these disasters. The 2018 Natural Disasters Tax Relief Act creates an automatic 60-day tax deadline extension immediately following a Presidential Disaster Declaration. If a natural disaster coincides with a tax filing deadline, people will be able to prioritize their safety rather than worry about filing a tax return. As many of my constituents know too well, families are faced with unexpected costs after a natural disaster, but most do not have these funds at their immediate disposal. This legislation includes a number of targeted provisions that will ease this financial burden through targeted tax relief. 

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Winning in the Trump Economy

  At a Ways and Means hearing this week, we discussed how the middle class is faring in today's economy and how tax reform is benefitting all Americans. With record low unemployment, the strongest wage growth in over a decade and unprecedented consumer and business confidence, opportunity has been restored for those who have been left behind. Under President Trump, we’ve gone from ten years of economic stagnation to a long overdue economic boom- both nationally and locally! When President Trump took office, the unemployment rate in Marion County was 9.3%. Today, they're at 4.7% unemployment! When President Trump took office, the unemployment rate in Marlboro County was 7.6%. Today, they're at 4.1% unemployment! The results of these pro-growth policies speak for themselves. 

Unfortunately, my friends across the aisle have their eye on high-tax, big government agenda that will stunt economic freedom and growth. I will continue fighting for policies that limit government and lower taxes so that our economy and middle class continue to grow and thrive. Watch my full remarks from the hearing below. 

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Black History Month 2019

  February is Black History Month! Black history is American history. This month we have the opportunity to celebrate the contributions, achievements, and influence of those who came before us and shaped America into the nation we are today.

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