What I Saw at the Southern Border 

  On Friday, I joined Vice President Pence, Senator Graham, and a group of Republican Senators to see the crisis at our southern border firsthand. A group of Democrats were invited on this trip, but they chose not to come. 

We toured two facilities in McAllen,Texas, an area of the Rio Grande where approximately 60% of apprehensions and detentions occur. The facilities were clean and the families we spoke to said they were being well taken care of. Everyone had access to water, food, hygiene products, and medical care. The reports from my Democratic colleagues about unlivable conditions are untrue.

The facilities were crowded, but that was not surprising. Our system was never meant to handle this number of people, especially families. Our border patrol agents are doing everything they can to provide the best possible care to those in their custody, but they can’t do their job unless Congress does ours. We need to provide more than just resources for the short-term, we need to address the root of the crisis. Cartels and traffickers are exploiting our system and they will continue to profit until Congress closes the loopholes in our immigration laws.

The time to act is NOW! 



What Do You Think? 

  Understanding the issues that matter to you is an essential part of my job as your representative. Please take a second to answer this poll on what issue you'd like Congress to prioritize as we head into the second half of 2019. 
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A New Era of Prosperity in SC07

  The combination of tax reform, regulatory reform, and the Dillon Inland Port has diverse industries investing in the Seventh District and creating jobs.

A few weeks ago, MobileFleet Inc. announced that they are bringing 64 new jobs to Marion County through a $6.3 million investment. Just this week, Sopacko announced another expansion in Marion county, which will create 25 new jobs! This industry diversification and growth is welcome news in the Pee Dee. Opportunity has been restored for people who thought that opportunity might not be out there for them.

I am so proud of all that we have accomplished and will keep working to grow our national and local economy! 



Mobile Office Hours 

  In the coming weeks my staff will be holding mobile office hours to assist you with problems involving the federal government, federal government, including with VA and Social Security claims. Please view the sidebar for a time and location near you to visit my staff for help.