Finding Solutions to Obamacare's Failures 

At the first Ways and Means Committee hearing of the year, Republicans reaffirmed our commitment to protecting people with pre-existing conditions and making health care more affordable. In addition to being able to keep your plan if you liked it, Obamacare promised to lower the cost of health care and insure more people. As many of you know, the Affordable Care Act fell far short of these promises. Premiums have nearly doubled. People in South Carolina and across America have been left with less choices and higher costs.

The status quo of health care in our country is unacceptable. In addition to protecting pre-existing conditions, we must address the failures of Obamacare and make health care more affordable. Watch my questions at the hearing below! 

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Wage Growth Reaches 10 Year High

  Under President Trump, the U.S. economy is delivering more jobs, higher wages, and bringing Americans back into the workforce. This week, the Department of Labor reported that wages and salaries for American workers rose more than 3 percent over the past year for the first time in more than a decade! This news comes on top of the report that 304,000 new jobs were created in January, beating expectations yet again. This is the result of less government and more economic freedom. I am so proud that our policies are improving lives across the country! 

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Will Democrats Stay True to Their Word on Border Security? 


For years, barriers have been supported on a bipartisan basis as an essential aspect of border security because they are effective. It is only recently that Democrats like Senator Schumer, who have voted for border fencing in the past, now disapprove of border barriers purely for political gain. Over the past few weeks, more than 60 Democrats have said that a physical barrier should be negotiated as part of the solution to address the crisis at our southern border. I hope Democrats stay true to their word and work across the aisle to fully fund border security, provide disaster relief, and fund the government for the entire fiscal year. 

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85 New Jobs in the Pee Dee! 


A food delivery company, WAITR, is expanding to the Pee Dee and bringing 85 new jobs! It's exciting to watch our economy diversify and have new companies create opportunities for people in the Seventh District. I have introduced legislation that will give those who participate in the on-demand 'gig economy', such as ride sharing and food delivery drivers, more certainty and clarity when filing their taxes. Learn more about this bill, "The New GIG Act" here.

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