Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is a powerful and unpredictable storm. The risk of strong winds and storm surge is increasing in our area, but it’s too soon to know when and where the strongest impacts will occur. Officials across the state are preparing to respond to any scenario. Take these steps to ensure your family is prepared:
  • Make a hurricane kit with supplies for several days, to include: water and food, prescription medications, hand sanitizer and first aid products, items for infants and toddlers, toiletries and pet supplies
  • Have cash on hand and collect important papers such as property deeds, birth certificates, and rental leases.
  • Fill up your gas tank, stock your vehicle with emergency supplies and know your evacuation routes. If evacuation orders are given for your area, evacuate.
  • Charge cell phones and backup batteries.
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USMCA: America First


On Monday I had the honor of joining Vice President Pence and fellow South Carolina leaders for a roundtable discussion on the need for Congress to pass the USMCA now. President Trump has delivered an economy that is creating unprecedented opportunity across the country. To keep our economy booming, we need to modernize our trade agreements so that American workers can compete on a level playing field, which is exactly what the USMCA will do. Every provision in this agreement tilts the playing field toward American workers, farmers, and businesses so that they can expand their markets and compete globally.

It says something awful about the state of politics in our country if Speaker Pelosi keeps this success from her constituents- and workers and farmers across this nation- because she wants to deny the President a victory before the 2020 election. Congress needs to put American workers first and pass the USMCA now!




Fighting for I-73

  My top priority is bringing jobs to the Seventh District and creating opportunity for the next generation. I don't want our children and grandchildren to leave our community to find high paying jobs. We won't be able to attract diverse industries and compete for jobs without modern infrastructure, which is why I'm fighting for I-73.

Watch my full interview on why we need I-73 with WMBF News below!  

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Happy Labor Day

  Tomorrow we honor the best worker in the world, the American worker! The tradition of hard work has made America the great nation we are today. Thank you to all of the workers in the Grand Strand and the Pee Dee. Happy Labor Day!