Supporting Families

Expanding Paid Family Leave 


This week, the Ways and Means Committee held a hearing on paid family leave policies. There is bipartisan agreement that people should have access to paid family leave, although there is a stark difference in our approach. Republicans passed the first ever paid family leave policy in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act! New proposals from Democrats seek to raise taxes and create another federal program that will burden small businesses. 

We were able to expand access to this important program while cutting taxes. Our pro-growth policies resulted in the "3-3-3!" With 3.2% GDP growth, 3.2% wage growth, and 3.6% unemployment, our economy is creating opportunities for everyone. 

Why move backwards and raise taxes on hardworking Americans? We should work together to help families and grow the economy! Watch my full remarks from the hearing below. 



Sunshine Protection Act 

  Most Americans must set their clocks ahead one hour in March and then turn them back in November. We can all attest to how burdensome this exercise can be, but did you know it also poses health risks and reduces economic output? Expanding Daylight Saving Time year round will benefit the economy while also reducing car accidents, cardiac issues and stroke, and seasonal depression. The more hours we have in a day, the more productive we will be! 

I'm glad South Carolina legislature is taking steps to expand Daylight Saving Time and I am proud to support this effort in Washington! 



Teacher Appreciation Week

  My wonderful mother (pictured below) spent 30 years as a school teacher at Woodland Park Elementary School on the old Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Like all school teachers, she helped raise hundreds of boys and girls. I know firsthand what a selfless profession teaching is. 

This Teacher Appreciation Week, I am grateful for all of the teachers in the Seventh District who dedicate themselves to educating the next generation!



An Abuse of Power 


It's true that the Ways and Means Committee has the authority under the tax code to ask for an individual's tax returns, but there's a reason we've never used it to do so. This power is granted to allow us to make sure the tax code is administered properly. It is clear that my colleagues' request for the President's tax returns is politically driven, not policy based. To use the tax code as a weapon against a political foe is a gross abuse of power. 

Watch my full remarks on this issue at this week's Ways and Means Committee Hearing.

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Keeping SC07 Competitive 


People in the Seventh District have been left behind for too long and far too often. If we ever expect to compete with places like Charleston, Greenville, and Columbia we need infrastructure. I-73 will bring diversified industry to the Seventh District so that our children and grandchildren don't have to leave the area to find a good job! We need this road and I will keep fighting for infrastructure investment in the Seventh District. 

Click below to read more from my interview with WPDE on the importance of I-73. 

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