116th Congress

On Thursday, I was sworn in for my fourth term as your Congressman. I am so proud of what we have accomplished for our nation and district and will continue working to bring opportunity to the Seventh District. It is an honor and a privilege to represent you and your families in Congress! 

Our D.C. office has moved from Cannon 223 to Cannon 512. We love meeting constituents from the Seventh District who are visiting D.C. If you plan on visiting, my staff can assist you with obtaining tickets for tours of the U.S. Capitol and other Washington D.C. attractions. We had a blast giving the first Capitol Tour of the year to Harrison and her family who were in D.C. this week! If you're in town, please come to Cannon 512 and say hello!



A Fight Worth Having 

  Two weeks ago, House Republicans passed a spending bill that provided $5 billion for border security and would have kept the government open. Rather than participate in good-faith negotiations to reopen the government, Democrats decided to vote on a spending bill that did nothing to address the crisis at our Southern border. They brought this vote to the floor fully knowing that this legislation would not be considered in the Senate, much less signed by President Trump.

The fight for border security is a fight for the safety of our communities and the prosperity of our middle class. It is a fight worth having. I spoke on the House floor to urge my colleagues across the aisle to end their political games, prioritize American citizens over illegal immigrants, and secure our border. Watch the full speech below. 

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Vote Notes: House Rules 

  This week House Democrats unveiled their rules package, which is a good indicator of how they plan to conduct business over the next two years. The package includes provisions that will make it easier to increase your taxes, raise the debt ceiling, and expand their authority to defend unconstitutional aspects of Obamacare. It seems as though Democrats want to reverse our recent economic success that is the result of less government, lower taxes, and more economic freedom. I will not let the liberal tax and spend agenda go unchecked and will offer conservative, common-sense solutions to the challenges our country faces.

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

  The final jobs report of 2018 was the 12th consecutive strong jobs report since tax reform was signed into law. Tax reform invigorated our economy, leading to an entire year of job and wage gains for American workers. Last month was no exception: the economy created 312,000 jobs and real wages for American workers rose at their fastest pace in nine years!
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