Thanks for Coming Out!  

  During this week's district tour, we held 4 in person Coffee with your Congressman events. From Darlington to Pamplico to Conway and Myrtle Beach, we had engaging conversations about local and national issues.These events are Democracy in action! The ability to facilitate a discussion on these issues with all of you is what makes our country great, and it is also the most important part of my job. I can't represent you without hearing from you, so thank you to everyone who came out and shared their opinions with me. We will be hosting more Coffee with your Congressman events next month, check back soon for details!   


PolyQuest Tour  

  I also had the opportunity to tour PolyQuest, an employer to about 100 people in Darlington. Since coming to Darlington over a decade ago, they've invested millions to expand their operations right here in our district. Bringing job creators to our district has always been one of my top priorities!                                                     


National School Choice Week 

  Today's students are tomorrow's leaders. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn in an environment that enables them to be successful, regardless of their zip code. Parents understand their own children's needs better than the federal government does and education is too important to be treated as "one size fits all." School choice empowers parents at every income level to ensure their children have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and in their future endeavors. To celebrate National School Choice Week, I toured Myrtle Beach's Cavalry Christian School. It was inspiring to meet students and teachers who were so enthusiastic about learning!   


See It and Believe It 

  The U.S. Treasury Department released new withholding guidance that reflects the lower tax rates and increased standard deduction that were enacted in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. What does this mean for you? A bigger paycheck! By February 15th, 9 out of 10 of you will see a larger net pay and lower federal witholding on your pay stub. You work hard for your paycheck, and you deserve to keep more of it. Now, we have a tax code that is putting more money in your wallet, so that you can spend, save, or invest as you see fit.