SC Electric Co-Ops in DC

  It was great to have representatives from South Carolina's Electric Cooperatives in Washington this week. We had a productive discussion about the benefits of tax reform and our ongoing efforts to expand broadband to rural areas. I am so grateful for all of the work the electric cooperatives do for South Carolina!   


Read My Op-ed: Demand to See President Trump's Tax Returns Threatens Privacy of Us All

  As a CPA who practiced tax law for 25 years, it is clear to me that the Democrats’ aggressive campaign to publicize the president’s tax returns is a dishonest political ploy that threatens the privacy of all American taxpayers. Democrats now seem to believe that if you disagree with political opponents, you may use the tax code to fish for opportunities to discredit them. But there is no line on any tax form that would show President Trump colluded with Russia to get elected. 

Read my full Fox News op-ed on how even if made public, the President's tax returns will not reveal the poison Democrats are desperately searching for. 

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Vote Notes: Combating Dem's Big Government Agenda 


This week, House Democrats pushed legislation that would stop President Trump from withdrawing the United States from the Paris Agreement. 

When President Obama opted into the Paris Agreement, he opted out of doing an economic analysis that would have showed this commitment would cost our country $250 billion in GDP and 2.7 million jobs by 2025. Free market innovation and technology have decreased the amount of carbon emissions in the United States by 16% since 2000, while countries like China and India have seen their emissions rise over 200%. Why should we be part of an agreement that punishes America while other countries, including the world’s leading polluters, are not required to comply? President Trump was right to withdraw the United States from this “deal.”

Remaining in the Paris Agreement would have a devastating impact on our economy. If we keep pursuing free market solutions, America will continue to lead the way in environmental protection and stewardship.

I will continue to counter Democrat's reckless big government agenda with common-sense conservative ideas in Washington!

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Poetry Out Loud  

  I had the opportunity to meet Brynne Hardman from North Myrtle Beach this week. Brynne attends the Academy for the Arts Science and Technology and competed in the Poetry Out Loud National Finals in Washington, DC! Brynne is a bright young lady who is representing our district well. I'm glad I had the chance to wish her luck before the big competition!