Next Stop for the Farm Bill: President Trump's Desk

Good news for South Carolina’s farmers: the 2018 Farm Bill is on the way to President Trump’s desk! This legislation strengthens the farm safety net by expanding crop insurance, providing certainty for producers in the face of dropping farm income and natural disasters. 

South Carolina farmers have dealt with more than their fair share of devastation, having to overcome three natural disasters in the last four years. After Hurricane Florence, I joined farmers across our district to survey crop damage and saw first-hand the challenges they face after such a catastrophic event. The Farm Bill is a critical component of disaster recovery and will provide peace of mind as our farmers continue to work, grow, and produce despite tough circumstances and unforeseen challenges.



Disaster Relief Update


In the Seventh District, we are still facing a long recovery from Hurricane Florence and my team will be here for you every step of the way. If you applied for federal assistance, you can get updates about your registration, learn about the appeals process, and check the status of your appeal online at  

This week, I received a letter from Governor McMaster requesting additional CDBG-DR funding. These additional funds will allow us to help as many people as possible rebuild their homes and lives. He also requested that the South Carolina delegation find a way to fund I-73 as an adequate evacuation route. Improving outdated infrastructure is a critical component of disaster mitigation and preparedness. I will continue to work at the federal, state, and local level to ensure a complete and strong recovery!

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Putting Taxpayers First


I had the opportunity to meet with IRS Commissioner Rettig this week. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, it is an important part of my job to hold the IRS accountable and ensure they are effectively serving taxpayers. Unfortunately, the agency has fallen short of this goal largely because of their antiquated IT infrastructure. We had a productive meeting and discussed ways to return the agency to their taxpayer first mission. I look forward to working with Commissioner Rettig to achieve this goal!



Reversing A Regulatory Regime: Waters of the United States


President Obama’s regulatory-happy EPA expanded the federal government’s regulatory authority from “main waterways” to all bodies of water including streams, ditches, ponds, and private property. Farmers and landowners were rightly outraged at this unconstitutional land grab. At the time, I heard from many concerned Seventh District landowners whose fears unfortunately turned into reality across the country. Farmers were no longer able to plow their own land or became tied up in jurisdictional disputes that took years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to resolve. 

I’m happy to report that the Trump Administration has tackled this issue head on. The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers proposed a new WOTUS definition this week. Their straightforward approach will provide much needed certainty, return authority to state and local entities, and promote responsible management of our nation’s land and water in accordance with the Clean Water Act. This will empower hardworking people in the Seventh District to grow, build, and invest in our community. 

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Always Ready, Always There


The United States National Guard turned 382 this week! That’s 382 years of The Guard being always ready and always there to serve our country when we need them most. After Hurricane Florence, more than 3,400 South Carolina National Guard Soldiers and Airmen were activated in response to the storm. This is just one of many times they have answered the call of duty and I am so grateful for their service! 

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