National Police Week

  This week was National Police Week, an important opportunity to recognize brave law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line for us every day. In honor of National Police Week, I was fortunate enough to host police officers from across South Carolina in Washington. 

Additionally, I want to highlight two special law enforcement officers from the Seventh District, Officer Brian Hart and CFP David Clever.
Officer Brian Hart of the Florence Police Department was able to fully recover from the injuries he sustained from the horrific shooting in Florence last year. He is a true hero and I was honored to spend time with him in Washington this week! CFP David Clever of the Myrtle Beach Police Department was named Police Officer of the Year this week!  While I was unable to attend the ceremony, members of my staff were there to recognize his contributions to our community. CFP Clever exemplifies what it means to serve others and has gone above and beyond to keep us safe.

Thank you to Officer Hart, CFP Clever and all law enforcement officers, your sacrifice will never go unnoticed! 


Resources for Farmers 

  I had a very informative meeting with representatives from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to learn more about the financial and technical assistance their agency provides to farmers, ranchers, and landowners in the Seventh District. 

Through the NRCS, farmers or landowners may be eligible for financial or technical support to address a variety of natural resource concerns  such as planting trees, weed control, livestock operation, fencing, and irrigation. I am so grateful for the work of the Seventh District agriculture community and I encourage every farmer and landowner in the Seventh District to reach out to NRCS to learn more about their programs and find out what assistance you may be eligible for. 

Click the link below to find contact information for your regional NRCS field office! 

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Vote Notes: Justice for Blue Water Navy Vets


In Washington, finding areas of agreement isn’t always easy. But this week House Republicans and Democrats came together to unanimously pass the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, legislation that I proudly cosponsor.

During the Vietnam War, more than 20 million gallons of “Agent Orange” were sprayed to remove jungle foliage. Years later, we learned that a toxic chemical in the herbicide has been linked to devastating health effects for those who were exposed to it. Yet, some effected Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans are not eligible for the disability benefits they have earned.  

This important legislation corrects this injustice and expands benefits for Blue Water Navy Vietnam veterans who are currently suffering from diseases they developed as a result of their service. I am proud that this legislation is one step closer to becoming law and will continue fighting for South Carolina veterans in Congress.




Jobs, Jobs, Jobs


Big news for Marlboro this week: Arris, a housing manufacturer, is creating 250 new jobs! It’s been difficult for Marlboro to attract new industries, but with tax reform and the Dillon Inland Port, unemployment has been cut in half in just two years. These new jobs will be a game changer and help bring people back into the workforce who have been searching for opportunities. 

There's still more work to do to bring good paying jobs to the region. Imagine what could happen in Marlboro if I-73 was running through the Pee Dee!

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