D-Day 75 Year Anniversary


June 6th, 1944 will always be one of the most important dates in our nation's history. 75 years ago, thousands of brave soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy, paving the way for Nazi defeat and the end of World War II. We will never forget those who sacrificed their lives to free the world from tyranny and the legacy of the Greatest Generation will always live on.

It was great to see local media honor veterans in the Seventh District who served during WWII and took part in D-Day, including Dr. Eugene Guyton Senior of Marion and Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Gardner of Socastee!  




A Seat at the Table

  As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, I ensure people in the Seventh District have a seat at the table when important legislation like tax reform comes before Congress. At a committee hearing this week, I shared my legislative priorities that will move our district and country forward. In addition to advancing legislation that will ease the financial burden of natural disasters I am focused on passing USMCA to grow our economy and create jobs for South Carolinians. Watch my full remarks below. 
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Vote Notes: Disaster Relief & Immigration

  This week, President Trump signed a disaster relief bill that will help South Carolina farmers and families rebuild after Hurricane Florence. It's ridiculous that this process took eight months, but I'm glad we came to an agreement that will help Americans across the country who were impacted by natural disasters. I will continue to be there through every step of the recovery process! 

We also received troubling reports from U.S. Customs and Border Protection that showed more than 144,000 migrants were apprehended at the border during the month of May, a 32 percent increase from April. This staggering statistic is just the most recent evidence of the growing crisis at our southern border. Instead of working with Republicans on a solution to send resources to the border, House Democrats pushed through a mass amnesty bill this week. Their bill would give 2.5 million illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship without taking any steps to secure the border or send resources to people on the ground. Our immigration system is completely overwhelmed, and we need to work together to secure our border, end this humanitarian crisis, and protect American citizens. 


Grants Seminar 

  There was a great turn out at this week's Grants Seminar hosted by my staff to help organizations in our area maximize federal resources available to them. My team will continue to be a resource for organizations that are navigating the federal grant process. Thanks to all who attended the seminar!