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  Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for Sunday's town hall episode of Carolina This Week! Not everyone can attend the in person town halls I host throughout the area, so this was a great opportunity to answer additional questions from people across the Seventh District. 

You can watch the town hall below! 

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The Next Step: USMCA

  If we want to build on our economic growth, the next step is modernizing our trade agreements. President Trump and Ambassador Lighthizer have done an excellent job bringing our trading partners to the table to negotiate agreements that level the playing field for American workers. The USMCA will expand market access for our farmers and create jobs while holding Mexico accountable to improve their labor standards. 

This week the Mexican Senate overwhelmingly voted to ratify the USMCA. Although Speaker Pelosi has made it clear that she doesn't want to give President Trump a legislative victory, hopefully she puts people over politics and allows a floor vote on the USMCA as soon as possible! 

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Making the Standard Deduction Permanent for Working Class Families

  This week, the Ways and Means Committee considered multiple pieces of tax legislation. My Republican colleagues and I focused on provisions that would continue our economic growth and help hardworking American families, but unfortunately these efforts were blocked by Democrats on the committee. 

One of the most important provisions of tax reform was doubling the standard deduction, which allows people at the lower end of the income spectrum to keep more of their hard earned money. That is why I offered an amendment that would make this provision permanent. Despite frequent claims from my colleagues on the other side of the aisle that they are "for the little guy," they rejected my amendment that would help working class families across the country. In addition to not supporting common sense provisions like this one, Democrats advanced legislation that would give illegal immigrants up to a $6,000 refundable tax credit. 

You can watch more from the hearing by clicking the link below!

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Mobile Office Hours 

  Next week my staff will be holding mobile office hours to assist you with problems involving the federal government, federal government, including with VA and Social Security claims. Please view the sidebar for a time and location near you to visit my staff for help.